Play Safe(r)

Revolutionizing Addiction Prevention through AI-Augmented Scientific Innovation

DigitaEjis accurately predicts susceptibility to addiction before a bet is placed!


DigitalEjis is the only company that provides a prediction tool to help gambling operators combat addiction amongst their customers and provide a safe gambling environment for all customer groups (even high risk).

Most solutions merely monitor betting behaviour which does little to prevent addiction. Spotting it once starts is too late !

Addicts eventually quit. By creating a safe, fun environment for their customers, gambling operators can significantly increase the lifetime of their customers.


DigitalEjis enables operators to provide Predictive, Progressive, Personalised Protection for their customers without compromising the excitement and fun for customers and whilst delivering opportunities to operators to increase profitability.

The prediction product comprises a fast, fun online assessment and mini-game, taken by each customer when they receive their account activation notification, enhanced through hidden metadata capture.
It is based on fundamental, medically evidenced research undertaken exclusively for DigitalEjis by the world’s most renowned institutions in the fields of neuroscience, computational psychology, behaviour science, mental-health and AI.
AI is used to enhance the science and enables continuous improvement in the accuracy of the prediction and monitoring.
The product requires virtually no system integration for an operator and zero disruption to the user-journey during customer registration and betting.

Post prediction, DigitalEjis provides gambling operators with the option of passive or active monitoring of customers.
Non-intrusive monitoring produces actionable, specific feedback based on DigitalEjis’ deterministic betting pattern algorithms, developed by leaders in quantitative risk management from the gambling industry, in combination with DigitalEjis’ AI layers.
Feedback enables gambling operators to fine-tune their gambling experience, on a customer-by-customer basis, and maintain a safe, dynamic, personalised, fun betting experience at all times for all customers.

When DigitalEjis detects that prevention is insufficient or ineffective, it can provide direct intervention on behalf of the operator.
The strategy involves deploying a smartphone-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programme whose efficacy has been demonstrated to outperform even the best face-to-face therapies.

As an expert in the field of prediction, DigitalEjis has developed a portfolio of valuable products aimed at protecting the gambling operator from abuse.