About us

DigitalEjis is the world’s only SaaS platform for predicting, monitoring and preventing gambling addiction and helping addicts.

Its mission is to enable operators to provide a safer environment for gamblers where the gambling experience is constantly tuned to each individual customer to help prevent the start of a harmful addiction spiral without compromising the excitement and fun for customers.

How we protect players?

By uniquely combining gaming industry expertise, leading-edge scientific medical research, complex mathematics, AI and a deep understanding of online purchasing operations …

… DigitalEjis enables gambling operators to provide Predictive, Progressive, Personalised Protection for their customers …

… without compromising the excitement and fun for customers …

… whilst delivering opportunities to operators to increase profitability.

Most anti-addiction solutions merely monitor betting behaviour which is insufficient as it does nothing to stop customers from becoming addicted in the first place. If you spot the signs of addiction in someone already gambling is may already be too late to help.

DigitalEjis’ solution is The Solution

By identifying customers who may well become addicted in the future,  DigitalEjis’ offers a set of unique advantages:

  • Protection of the customer: DigitalEjis’ predictions enable gambling operators to provide a safe gambling environment for all customer groups (even high risk) where they cannot spiral into addiction.
  • Preservation of the customer relationship: Addicts eventually quit.  By creating a safe, fun environment for their customers, gambling operators can significantly increase the lifetime of their customers.


The science behind DigitalEjis’ web-services comes from medically evidenced research and is provided exclusively to DigitalEjis by a team comprising the world’s most renowned scientists in the fields of neuroscience, clinical psychology, behavioural science and mental health.

DigitalEjis’ Gambling Anti-Addiction Solution is offered as a suite of managed software services to operators:

  • Prediction: exclusive, deep-science-based, medically evidenced, anonymous, non-intrusive, fast, automated, AI enhanced => accurate predictions about addiction before gambling starts;
  • Monitoring & Prevention: automated, non-intrusive, AI coupled with deterministic algorithms based on deep industry understanding => actionable personalised, dynamic, preventative measures;
  • Intervention => for customers facing severe addiction issues, intervention support is provided by a global leader in digital mental health.