On the rare occasion that DigitalEjis detects that prevention is insufficient or ineffective, it can provide direct intervention on behalf of the operator to help a customer.

When combined with the analysis from the Prediction product, certain gambling behaviour and/or a failure to respond to preventative limits appropriately can signal a clear deterioration in the mental health of a customer.

DigitalEjis is set-up to detect this sad situation and action swift, professional intervention on behalf of the operator to help prevent customers in this situation spiralling deeper into addiction.


The strategy involves deploying a smartphone-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programme whose efficacy has been demonstrated to outperform even the best face-to-face therapies.

  • Structured into 8 to 10 therapy components.
  • Succinct guidance provided by skilled therapists.

This approach renders mental health support more accessible, engaging, and convenient, while still preserving the effectiveness of traditional therapeutic methods.

In parallel with this ground-breaking approach a more traditional counselling style support is also offered whereby DigitalEjis acts as a conduit connecting customers with professional therapists.