Science Partners

Science behind the web-services comes from medically evidenced research and is provided exclusively to DigitalEjis by a team comprising the world’s most renowned scientists in the fields of neuroscience, computational psychology, behavioural economics and mental health.

Koa Health, a world leader in digital mental health research, AI, computational psychology and neuroscience, is redefining traditional approaches to mental healthcare by developing cutting-edge digital products to deliver mental healthcare solutions to everyone in a modern way.
Koa Health and its network of scientific institutions around the world, work exclusively with DigitalEjis to provide research so that the company can build safer gambling environments for players and improve their mental health. This is done through innovative research approaches in computational psychology which have led to the development of various tools for predicting human behaviour.
Koa Health comprises dozens of PhD’s and experts and boasts exclusive relationships with the world’s premier clinical and research centers in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, behavioural economics, and neuroscience.

One of the world’s most recognized and respected scientific research organizations.

Led by the leading professor in medical neuroscience, research is provided to DigitalEjis from a team of four PhD’s who cover the areas of computational neuroscience, computational psychiatry, mathematical modelling of cognitive processes and psychology.

This institutions’ academic profile is based on social sciences and is renowned for studying real-world issues.

Led by a world-renowned expert in behavioural science and the creator of many products geared to deduce state of mind and mental wellbeing, the team providing research to DigitalEjis comprises two PhD’s that cover the areas of behavioural economics, psychology and behavioural science.