Although it is widely known how to diagnose addiction, no-one apart from DigitalEjis can predict it accurately before a customer places a single bet !

The prediction product comprises a fast, fun online assessment and mini-game, taken by each customer when they receive their account activation notification, enhanced through hidden metadata capture.

It is based on fundamental, medically evidenced research undertaken exclusively for DigitalEjis by the world’s most renowned institutions in the fields of neuroscience, computational psychology, behaviour science, mental-health and AI.

AI is used to enhance the science and enables continuous improvement in the accuracy of the prediction and monitoring.

The product requires virtually no system integration for an operator and zero disruption to the user-journey during customer registration and betting.

DigitalEjis and its science partners constructed this ground-breaking predictive tool by: 

  • Conducting a comprehensive review of the science in the area; 
  • Identifying how to make the research applicable to a typical gambling customer; 
  • Extending the fundamental science from diagnosis to predictive algorithms; 
  • Forming the hypothesised prediction methods into a practical tool; and 
  • Conducting significant tests (2000+ participants) to confirm the hypothesis, verifying the accuracy of the predictions and enhancing the predictive power with an AI layer. 


The resulting novel methodology, formally endorsed by the various leading research groups, was then productised into a practical, compelling and engaging implementation for gambling operators and their customers. 

The result is a Simple, Fast, Powerful, Actionable Output for operators. 

Product Features


  • Back-testing shows an accuracy in prediction of c. 85%. 

Continuous improvement through AI 

  • As the algorithms are based on a combination of deterministic equations and AI, they are constantly improved based on use. 

Virtually zero system integration and overhead required on the operator side and zero disruption to the user-journey on the operator site 

  • All tests and analysis are hosted on DigitalEjis’ own, secure, servers. 
  • The tests are accessed via an embedded link in the welcome or new customer activation email sent by the operator to each new customer. 
  • The only information the operator needs to accept into their back-office systems is the category corresponding to the customer’s predisposition to gambling addiction provided by DigitalEjis. 
  • The tests happen asynchronously with customer interaction on the operators’ site. 

Non-intrusive, Digital, Anonymous 

  • The only information passed to DigitalEjis is the operator identifier and an encrypted user ID ensuring GDPR compliance throughout the process.
  • Minimal interaction with the customer is required.
  • The questionnaire comprises only 5 questions (no open-ended questions). 
  • The mini-game requires only 3 rounds of play to generate an accurate result. 
  • Metadata is gathered invisibly to enrich the analysis. 

Fast, Automated 

  • The tests can be completed in under 3 minutes. 
  • Analysis and categorisation is carried out automatically without the need for human intervention. 
  • Results can be made instantly available to the operator