Press Release

The benefits of preventing gambling addiction for operators of online sports and casino gambling sites: DigitalEjis’ vision.

19th December 2023 -Gambling addiction, or compulsive gambling, is a disorder that affects millions of people worldwide, with negative consequences for both the mental health and economic situation for gamblers and society as a whole. The situation has been worsened by the spread of online gambling, which offers greater accessibility, anonymity and a wider variety of products than traditional gambling.

DigitalEjis’ mission is to rid the gambling industry and society of addiction problems.

Recently, we launched the world’s first accurate predictor of gambling addiction, based on scientific research, supported by artificial intelligence, allowing gaming operators to anticipate the onset of gambling addiction and take action to prevent it rather than just monitoring behaviour.

Why is prediction better than monitoring player behaviour ?

DigitalEjis’ research has shown that predicting the onset of gambling addiction before a single bet is placed is possible. We strongly believe that this is the only way to truly protect vulnerable players. Prediction wins over monitoring because it enables operators to tune their offering for vulnerable customers and so prevent addiction starting as once it starts it is incredibly hard to stop. Monitoring simply spots who needs to be cured and curing addiction is difficult and costly. Putting aside the fact that an addicted player has already suffered irreparable losses, both at a personal and financial level.

But why should an operator adopt this system?

Not only does DigitalEjis’ prediction afford players enormous protection, it is also of massive benefit to operators from an ethical and economic point of view.
DigitalEjis’ breakthrough in predicting predisposition to gambling addiction before a single bet is placed affords operators large economic benefit from: increased customer numbers through an improved reputation enabling them to reach customer groups who may never have considered to gamble before through fear of addiction; a more loyal clientele leading to longer customer life-time value; and a reduced risks of fine from regulators.


Using DigitalEjis’ predictive software allows operators to frictionlessly recognize the players who could become addicted and adapt their gaming environment from the outset to ensure that they remain enthusiastic and loyal players: for the player, they remain in the fun zone. Our monitoring software is closely coupled with our prediction software enabling operators to tune a customer’s gambling experiences dynamically as their relationship with the customer deepens.
Visionary operators are already adopting DigitalEjis’ product and we are proud to offer an ideal solution for online gambling operators that want to prevent gambling addiction and increase their competitiveness and sustainability in the online gaming market.