Press Release

DigitalEjis and E2 Communication Join Forces to Champion Responsible Gaming

Rome, June 03, 2024 – DigitalEjis and E2 Communication are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at promoting responsible gaming direct to players.

DigitalEjis, the creators of the only software able to accurately predict the onset of gambling addiction before a single bet is placed, and E2 Communication, a leading marketing and communication firm specializing in sports and the sports betting industry, are joining forces to help bettors identify operators that prioritize player-safety and responsible gaming activities.

Ian McLoughlin, CEO of DigitalEjis, said, “Our software is designed to help players understand their unique risk of spiraling into harmful gambling addiction.  In parallel with enabling operators with our solution we have designed a direct-to-player version.  This product assists gamblers directly in their choice of gambling operator based on 1) their predisposition to develop gambling addiction and 2) the lengths operators go to protect players from addiction.”

As a unique feature of this partnership, users on will have the opportunity to take the DigitalEjis, player-centric, GameÆ test. This innovative tool provides players with a profile of their gaming habits, offering valuable insights and advice which can help them stay safe when they bet.

Leonhard Vogel, CEO of E2 Communication, added, “We have seen demand from players for a safer gambling environment grow dramatically and this partnership with DigitalEjis allows us to respond to that demand by helping our visitors select operators who prioritize player protection. In response to demand from our customers, we are committed to creating, for our site,, content related to responsible gaming and to promoting the tools aimed at preventing pathological gambling addiction.”

Ian McLoughlin adds, “I would invite visitors to to take the DigitalEjis test and then, based on their feedback, to think carefully about adopting a gambling operator who prioritizes player safety accordingly.”

About E2 Communication: E2 Communication is a Vienna-based marketing and communication firm with a strong focus on sports and sports betting websites. With a deep understanding of the gaming industry, E2 is committed to providing users with a safe and responsible gaming experience. Through its affiliate sites, E2 reaches a wide audience of bettors, offering them valuable information and resources.

About DigitalEjis: DigitalEjis is a pioneering software company known for its products which accurately predict predisposition to gambling addiction before a single bet is placed. With a mission to promote responsible gaming and protect users from pathological gambling addiction, DigitalEjis is at the forefront of gaming safety. The GameÆ software product is a testament to their commitment to player protection, offering users a comprehensive understanding of their gaming habits and providing actionable advice for a safer gaming experience.