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News about fines issued to gambling operators who failed to protect and monitor their customers and gambling addiction innovation solutions.

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How new regulations will help gaming companies better identify and support financial vulnerability

For the gaming industry, navigating the regulatory landscape is an ongoing challenge, but it also presents a new opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to player protection and responsible gambling. The Government’s 2023 whitepaper on gaming has proposed significant reforms, focusing on identity verification, affordability, and transparency of spend, particularly in the online gaming space.

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Betting on balance: how to protect players & encourage innovation

With the enormous changes in gambling over the past decade – consumers having the ability to access online gaming at the click of an app whenever and wherever in the world they may be, fast paced innovation in game design and harnessing new technologies to protect players – how will the industry find a balance between increasing legislative action and allowing technology to continue to meet consumers’ demands and expectations for change?

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William Hill Group businesses to pay record £19.2m for failures

Three gambling businesses owned by William Hill Group will pay a total of £19.2 million for social responsibility and anti-money laundering failures.

WHG (International) Limited, which runs, will pay £12.5 million, Mr Green Limited, which runs, will pay £3.7 million and William Hill Organization Limited, which operates 1,344 gambling premises across Britain, will pay £3 million.

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